Monday, January 31, 2011

Aliya Zaireen : Sudah Pandai Maniarap

Aliya pandai meniarap pada 29th January 2011@ 3m 6d

balik kg during the weeken , was surprised, Aliya tersayang dah pandai meniarap. hehehe wat a surprise.
sudah beberapa hari jugak Aliya dah belajar2 angkat badan dia bila mengiring, tapi tunggu mama n papa dia jugak baru dia meniarap full version. 

step 1

step 1: baringkan dia kat atas comforter terus mengiringkan badan ke sebelah (kiri@ kanan)

step 2
step 2: di dongak2kan kepala dia , di tendang 2 kan kaki.
step 3: kadang2 stuck, tapi kaki tolak2 lagi, sekali dia swing badan dia , wallla. sudah meniarap

step 3

Aliya pandai meniarap pada 29th January 2011@ 3m 6d
and me as a mother, feeling SO PROUD of myD's development.

Arinee : rasa sangat sebak bila Aliya sudah meniarap,alhamdulillah dia sihat!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

No Summons !! Finally

got alert email from PDRM - MyeG

sungguh bahagia

in the year of 2010, I got 1 traffic summons from PDRM  for the assault of speeding .the fine is RM300. paid during the promotion done by gov . t the end paid only RM 150 for the summon. 

today , my record is clear.

Arinee: kalau jln kg , papan tanda speed limit kan tak ade sungguh tak tahu berapa speed limit di sana.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Music : Hak Cipta Plague of Happiness di ciplak!!

Plague of Happiness - satu ska band yang famous di Malaysia, Singapore dan Indonesia. karya mereka I categorikan as Qualitative Art. tapi sungguh malang bagi mereka since ade pihak-pihak yg tak bertanggungjawab yg main bedal je lagu sesiapa yg depo rase best amik buat dia punya soundtrack.

pic source : google
I did asked myself , do the drama's producer not knowing the procedure of using other people product  and using it without permission is againts the law? takkan la kot, production business's law kan. Pena Creative kan dah banyak buat drama!!

perkara ini sgtla xpatut terjadi. amik tanpa izin /ciplak hakcipta org lain adelah sgt tak bermoral. just imagine betapa susah pengkarya usaha utk hasilkan satu2 ciptaan. a lot of time and $$$ spend. di bwh ni video lagu yg diciplak.

Arinee: I harap abg Nas n POH akan mendapat pambelaan yg adil.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sing A Song : The Time (Dirty Bit)

I cannot tell any BEP's song that not intriguing. these entertainer always make we love it . nice work !!

Arinee: my husband yg die hard fan Micheal Jackson tu pon boleh sing along dengar lagu ni. 

Gadget : Blackberry Curve 8520

since I punya Sony Ericsson W595 rosak buat kali ke dua, desire to repair the phone dah gone.

first time W595 rosak cannot ON, cannot charge. send to the service centre for repair (reset the phone) and cost me bout RM50 since the 1 year warranty expired oledi.

ex- boyfren : RIP

second time W595 rosak cannot hear the calling tone and cannot hear other side's voice,have to use Speakerphone all the time, just imagine nak bercakap msti masuk bilik sendiri tak leh cakap depan public lagi.

plan awal nk amik NOKIA N8, tapi due to it's cost bout RM 1,600 terpakse cancel n hati berbalik ke the famous Blackberry @ BB. tapi since tamo spend more than RM1,000 for phone, amik BB Curve 8520 aje which is cost me RM 899.

ex - admire : cinta ku tak kesampaian
the package is attractive , which is with RM 899 covers as follows :

  1. the brand new phone BB Curve 8520
  2. manufacturer's warranty for 1 year
  3. additional SenQ in house warranty - for member (additional RM 12 for member's registration)
  4. additional 3rd, 4th and 5th 's year  SenQ in house warranty 
  5. free original BB leather case worth of RM 130
pada I dah cukup berbaloi. and I am smiling ....
we just hitched 
Arinee: masih teraba-raba mencari button dan application function BB.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sing A Song : Don't Say You Love Me

lately sangat suke:

Teruskan Hidup: Cari Apartment

Anda pernah rase cari apartment yang sesuai tu sangat la susah.
macam2 requirement nak kena follow.

1) Lokasi : mesti tempat yang senang nak pg keje and nak hantar anak ke nanny
2) Environment : dekat2 sini banyak tapi environment tak sesuai
3) Neighbourhood : kalau ramai sangat *i*a payah juga, bside mcm unprofessional saja residencies kat situ

akhirnya kami pilih duduk di Dorsett Hotel ,Pasir Gudang.
bilik yg agak luas (my impression changed) sebelum ni diorang citer bilik kecik tp bila I pg ok je, takdela kecik.
convenience enuf for 2+1 of us!!.
book there starting from 5th Feb 2011. will update the review on how's life bila stay kat sana pula.

Pan Vista: jauh
Prima Regency : owner tak nak short term stay
Arinee : Dorsett stay will it be like staying in Dorsett Labuan??

Monday, January 24, 2011

Congratulation : Bila Suami Naik Podium

Singapore Dark Race - 22nd January 2011. first time organizer buat race time malam , that was in Singapore. I tak pegi bagi moral support as balik Nilai jenguk anak. but , always doakan si suami tak ade kecederaan n dpt time best.. 1m07sec..and guess what, 1st runner up Open Category...hehee medal ade kat rumah.

gambar atas podium belum ade, cuma ade sedikit gambar bersama kawan2 yang banyak support.
update: gambar atas podium dah ade, tp gambar dari sisi shj.

kawan2 yg sgt berjasa..true fren

but again, bila si suami bersama ManDher pakai baju sama , u both really looks like Upin & Ipin...hehe

gambar atas podium

berpodium bersama
medal yg dibanggakan untuk tahun 2011
 antara aksi-aksi di qualifiying round
berposing dgn penuh gaya untuk sponsornyer Angah Bike Shack
dan lagi....

 Arinee: hargai persahabatan yg terjalin ye syg.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anniversary Dinner : 4 years with Petroganas

it supposed to be on 16th January my anniversary with dear Mr PETROgaNAS but the dinner was somehow delayed due to BZness and commitment balik kg jumpa anak during the weekend.

there's nothing much of a celebration as we are not a "big" planner person for any occasions. somehow treat husband for Chicken Rice Shop (we both love it) , lame giler dah tak makan kat sini last pekena kat sabah with Sue , Pak Andrie, Mimi. and that was back in 2008.

due to coming CNY celebration, CRS buat promotion. and it's too much of food for both of us, tapi burb burb juga alhamdulillah.

afterwards, kami dating nengok wayang Mr Cage's Seasons of the Witch. cite zaman barbarian which I suka.:))) . mula2 ingatkan citer antu..kecut perut juga sb baru masuk rumah yg besar itu ,ingat nti kalo husband kuar lepak memalam tinggal sorang huhuhu spooky u'all. hehhe

but the movie is great . Mr Cage pon dah tua, ending tak typical which hero dia mati...tapi org putih wat CGI pon nampak kaku beb. so, what to be proud of with org putih..KRU wat CGI pon at par jugak gempaks kan..apepon, we do enjoy the movie.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Info : Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB)

logo hanya utk hiasan

I baru balik dr agent ASB , Maybank. niat nak bukak ASB  account utk anakku, Aliya Zaireen bt Ahmad Zairi tap x dpt coz after 6 months umor baru boleh apen new account.

thus, a little info bout ASB ni utk di share iaitu:

  1. Open new account boleh buat kat agen2 PNB  ie : Maybank, CIMB etc
  2. Sekarang dah boleh transfer thru online banking ie : Maybank 2u.
  3. Open new account utk baby is strating from 6 months and above
itu shaja . utk info bersama. lain2 info please visit Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB)  .

Arinee: "tgk dividen taun ni , alhamdulillah syukur.. ni lepas ni kalau buat bayar lawyer kalo amik rumah lagi satu hehe".

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Movie Review : Catch Me If You Can

Tittle : Catch Me If You Can
Director/ Producer : XXXX
Genre : XXXXX
Rating : **** *

Catch Me If You Can is a 2002 American biographical comedy-drama film based on the life of Frank Abagnale Jr., who, before his 19th birthday, successfully conned millions of dollars by posing as a Pan American World Airways pilot, a Georgia doctor and Louisiana attorney and parish prosecutor. His primary crime was check forgery; he became so skillful that the FBI eventually turned to him for help in catching other check forgers. Steven Spielberg directed the film, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Abagnale and Tom Hanks as Hanratty as well as Christopher Walken, Amy Adams, Martin Sheen, and Nathalie Baye.
Development for the film started as far back as 1980, but development did not progress until 1997, when the film rights to Abagnale's book were purchased by Spielberg's DreamWorks. Filmmakers such as David Fincher, Gore Verbinski, Lasse Hallström, Miloš Forman and Cameron Crowe had all been involved in the director's position before Spielberg, originally involved as producer, decided to become the film's director. He dropped out of Big Fish and Memoirs of a Geisha due to his commitment to Catch Me If You Can, and filming took place from February to May 2002. The film received financial and critical success, and the real Abagnale greeted the film positively.


Frank Abagnale Jr (Leonardo DiCaprio), 16 years old, lives happily in 1963 New Rochelle, New York with his father Frank Abagnale Sr (Christopher Walken), and French mother Paula (Nathalie Baye). When a loan for Frank Sr. is denied at Chase Manhattan Bank, due to a series of IRS tax frauds by Frank Sr., the family is forced to move from their grand home to a small apartment. Paula carries on an affair with Jack (James Brolin), a friend of her husband. In the meantime, Frank poses as a substitute teacher in his French class. Frank's parents file for divorce, and Frank runs away. When he runs out of money, he begins to use confidence scams. Frank's cons grow ever bolder and he even impersonates an airline pilot. He forges Pan Am payroll checks and succeeds in stealing over $2.8 million.
Meanwhile Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks), an FBI bank fraud agent, begins to track down Frank with little help from his superiors. Carl and Frank meet in a hotel, where Frank convinces Carl his name is Barry Allen of the Secret Service. Frank leaves, with Carl angrily fooled. Later, at Christmas, Carl is still working when Frank calls him, attempting to apologize for duping Carl. Carl rejects his apology and tells him that he will soon be caught, but laughs when he realizes that Frank actually called him because he has no one else to talk to. Frank hangs up, and Carl continues to investigate, suddenly realizing (thanks to a coffee waiter) that the name "Barry Allen" is from the Flash comic books and that Frank is just a teenager.
Frank, meanwhile, has not only changed to becoming a doctor and being a lawyer, but has fallen in love with a girl named Brenda (Amy Adams) to whom he eventually admits the truth about himself and asks to run away with him. Carl tracks him to his wedding party where Frank has left Brenda, asking her to meet him two days later so they can elope. Frank sees her waiting two days later, but suddenly sees agents in disguise everywhere and realizes that he has been set up and escapes on a flight to Europe. Seven months later, Carl shows his boss that Frank has been forging checks all over the eastern hemisphere, and asks permission to go to Europe to look for him. When his boss denies him the permission, Carl brings Frank's checks to printing professionals who deem that the check was printed in France. Remembering from an interview with Paula, Frank's mother, that she was born in Montrichard, France, Carl goes there where he finds Frank, and tells him that the French police will kill him if he doesn’t go with Carl quietly. Frank assumes he is lying at first, but Carl promises Frank he would never lie to him, and Carl takes him outside, where the French police escort him to prison.
The scene then flashes forward to a plane returning Frank home from prison, where Carl informs him that his father has died. Consumed with grief, Frank escapes from his plane and goes back to his old house, where he finds his mother with the man she left his father for, as well as a girl that Frank realizes is his half-sister. Frank gives up and is sentenced to 12 years in prison, getting visits from time to time by Carl. When Frank easily points out how one of the checks Carl is carrying as evidence is fake, Carl gets an idea and calls for an interview by the FBI. At the interview, the FBI informs Frank that he can live out the remainder of his sentence working for the bank fraud department of the FBI, being in Carl's custody, to which Frank accepts. Though enjoying his semi-freedom and professional job, Frank misses the thrill of the chase and even attempts to fly as an airline pilot again. He is cornered by Carl, demanding again how he cheated on the Bar Exam, who insists that Frank will return at the end of the weekend, since there is no one chasing him, and that he is just a kid.
On Monday, Carl is nervous that Frank has not appeared to work yet and is almost regretful at assuming too much about Frank. However, Frank soon shows up and Carl informs him about their next case. During the examination, Carl asks one final time how Frank cheated on the Bar Exam, to which Frank replies that he did not—he had studied for only two weeks and actually passed the exam. Astounded, Carl asks him "Is that the truth, Frank?" to which Frank merely smiles. Carl smiles back and the two continue to investigate their next case. Lastly, it is revealed through scrolling text that Frank has been happily married for 26 years, has three sons, lives in the Midwest with his family, is still good friends with Carl, caught some of the world's most elusive money forgers and gets millions of dollars each year because of his work creating unforgeable checks.


Leonardo DiCaprio and the real Frank Abagnale.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Abagnale, Jr. Before his 19th birthday, Frank successfully conned millions of dollars worth of cheques as a Pan Am pilot, doctor, and Louisiana parish prosecutor.
  • Tom Hanks as Carl Hanratty, an FBI agent who pursues Frank for most of the film. Hanratty is often mocked by other agents, who do not take cheque fraud seriously. Hanratty is divorced, and his daughter and wife live in Chicago. In the end, Carl and Frank become great friends.
  • Christopher Walken as Frank Abagnale, Sr., Frank's father, and a World War II veteran. Frank, Sr. loses his wife Paula and most of his wealth after he committed IRS tax evasion. Frank, Sr. dies after falling down a staircase in a train station.
  • Nathalie Baye as Paula Abagnale. Frank, Sr. meets her when she is 18 years old in Montrichard, France during World War II. Six weeks later the couple marries. They divorce when Frank is 15, leaving Paula to marry Jack Barnes. Towards the end of the film, they have a daughter.
  • Amy Adams as Brenda Strong. Before becoming a nurse in Georgia, Brenda has an abortion. Her strict Lutheran parents disown her, until they meet Frank, Jr.
  • Martin Sheen as Roger Strong, Brenda's father, and Carol's husband. Roger is a well-recognized district attorney in Louisiana, and is not easily convinced that Frank, Jr. graduated from law school. His alma mater is University of California, Berkeley Law School Boalt Hall.
  • James Brolin as Jack Barnes, an associate of Frank, Sr. at the New Rochelle, New York Rotary Club. Barnes later carries on an affair with Paula, leading to the divorce of Frank Jr's parents.
  • Nancy Lenehan as Carol Strong, Brenda's mother and Roger's wife. When thinking that Frank, Jr. is a doctor, lawyer and Lutheran, she is highly ecstatic for her daughter's marriage.
Brian Howe, Frank John Hughes and Chris Ellis portray FBI agents. Jennifer Garner cameos as a call girl, and Ellen Pompeo and Elizabeth Banks have small roles. The real Frank Abagnale appears as a French policeman arresting his character.


Frank Abagnale sold the film rights to his autobiography in 1980.[1] Producer Michel Shane purchased the film rights in 1990,[2] for Paramount Pictures.[3] By December 1997, Barry Kemp purchased the film rights from Shane, bringing the project to DreamWorks, with Jeff Nathanson writing the script.[4] By April 2000, David Fincher was attached to direct over the course of a few months, but dropped out in favor of Panic Room. In July 2000, Leonardo DiCaprio had entered discussions to star, with Gore Verbinski to direct.[5][6] Steven Spielberg signed on as producer, and filming was set to begin in March 2001.[7][8]
Verbinski cast James Gandolfini as Carl Hanratty, Ed Harris as Frank Abagnale Sr. and Chloë Sevigny as Brenda Strong.[9][10] Verbinski dropped out because of DiCaprio's commitment on Gangs of New York.[11] Lasse Hallström was in negotiations to direct by May 2001, but dropped out in July 2001. At this stage Harris and Sevigny left the film, but Gandolfini was still attached.[10][12] Spielberg, co-founder of DreamWorks, offered the job of director to Miloš Forman, and considered hiring Cameron Crowe. This only prompted Spielberg to consider directing the film himself, dropping out of projects such as Big Fish and Memoirs of a Geisha.[8][13] Spielberg officially committed to directing in August 2001.[2]
The original start date was January 2002,[2] but was pushed to February 7 in Los Angeles, California.[14] Other locations included Burbank, Downey, New York, LA/Ontario International Airport (which doubled for Miami International Airport), Quebec City and Montreal.[15] The film was shot in 147 different locations in only 52 days. DiCaprio reflected, "Scenes that we thought would take three days took an afternoon."[16] Filming ran from April 25–30 in Park Avenue, just outside the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Production moved to Orange, New Jersey and returned to Brooklyn for bank and courthouse scenes. Shooting also took place at the TWA Flight Center at John F. Kennedy International Airport.[17] Quebec City was chosen for its European character and French feel. A portion of the historic downtown area was modified to resemble Montrichard.[18] Filming ended on May 12 in Montreal.[19]


Despite the various changes from real-life events, Abagnale believed Spielberg was the only filmmaker who "could do this film justice."[20] However, Abagnale had little involvement with the film. In November 2001, he had "never met nor spoken to Steven Spielberg and I have not read the script. I prefer not to. I understand that they now portray my father in a better light, as he really was. Steven Spielberg has told the screenplay writer (Jeff Nathanson) that he wants complete accuracy in the relationships and actual scams that I perpetrated", Abagnale reported. "I hope in the end the movie will be entertaining, exciting, funny and bring home an important message about family, childhood and divorce."[20]
Abagnale never saw his father after he ran away from home. Spielberg "wanted to continue to have that connection where Frank kept trying to please his father; by making him proud of him; by seeing him in the uniform, the Pan-American uniform."[21] However, Abagnale praised the idea. "Even though I didn't see my dad again, every night after living a brilliant day and meeting many women, and making much money, I'd come back alone to a hotel room and I would just think of my mom and dad and fantasize about getting them back together again, and cry. It's the justification of a fantasy."[21] Carl Hanratty (portrayed by Tom Hanks) is based on FBI agent Joe Shea. Frank Abagnale Jr. used the pseudonym "Sean O'Reilly" in his book because Joe Shea was still in the F.B.I. He has since retired. In the shooting script the character was referred to as Joe Shea, but was changed to Carl Hanratty for unknown reasons.[22]

source : Wikipedia. 

ARINEE: Will buy the book. found selling at Kinokuniya ,KLCC.

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