Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Opening Ceremony EFFTECH office

semalam , 9th MAy 2011, my  officemates and i pergi ke opening ceremony EFFTECH office kat Kawasan Perindustrian Tebrau III, Johor.

EFFTECH is one of the PETRONAS's VDP , initiative under MITI.

antara jemputan terhormat adelah Deputy Minister Industrial Trade, Dato; Mukhriz Mahathir. ..acara start pukul 10 ended with lunch at 1200.

MC , JOJO Strust , Singer : Dayang Nor Faizah...man that lady can sing well.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The world’s most iconic man-made structures

Source : Lonely Planet
The world is full of incredible buildings, but what about those that have become truly iconic, the instantly recognisable ones that have come to symbolise a destination or even a period in time?
Let’s take a global tour of those enduring structural wonders – all of them worthy contenders for your travel bucket list:

Taj Mahal, India

Image by Rameshng

This beauty was 23 years in the making (1630-53) and is remarkable for its perfect symmetry. The Taj was commissioned by Emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his wife, Arjumand Banu Begum (also known as Mumtaz Mahal). Made from white marble, this majestic mausoleum features intricate details that were inlaid with precious lapis lazuli — pilfered in the 19th century. Its exterior reflects the changing colours of the day, and its beauty on a full-moon night is legendary.

Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

Image by doneastwest

For the Egyptian pharaoh Khufu, back in 2560 BC, the notion of digging your own grave transposed elaborately into constructing the Great Pyramid. Around two million stone blocks, each weighing 2 tonnes, were brought together to serve as his tomb. The Great Pyramid is the planet’s original tourist attraction — counting Antony (Cleopatra’s beau) and Napoleon among its many early visitors — and keeps company with three other pyramids and that other illustrious attraction, the Sphinx.

Great Wall, China

Image by exfordy

Hordes hit the Wall, as they have for centuries. Built from the end of the 15th century to the start of the 16th (using an existing wall dating back 2000 years), it stretches an incredible 6350km (3946m). Though not really visible from space, its jagged, snaking presence across the mountains between China and Mongolia always impresses, and is a tribute to the manic energy we apply to systems of war and defence. The touristed parts of Badaling are not recommended; try instead a walk from Simatai to Jinshanling.

Eiffel Tower, France

Image by trixnbooze

How many electricians does it take to change a light bulb on the Eiffel Tower? A whole team is required to maintain the 10,000-odd light bulbs that illuminate the 324m (1060ft) tower. Built in 1889 for the Universal Exhibition and to celebrate the French Revolution, Paris’ tower was designed by Stephen Sauvestre and was named after Gustave Eiffel — who specialised in iron construction including the Statue of Liberty and portable bridges sold around the world in kits.

Chrysler Building, USA

Image by Marc_Smith

Architect William van Alen planned the dramatic unveiling of New York City’s Chrysler Building‘s ornate tower by assembling it inside the building. Made of stainless steel and modelled on the hubcaps used on Chrysler cars of the late 1920s. Completed in 1930, the Art Deco building’s 77 floors and ornamental top made it the world’s highest structure — not just scraping the sky but piercing it at 319m (1046ft).

Big Ben, England

Image by exfordy

‘Big Ben’ is the common name for the Palace of Westminster‘s clock and bell tower in London, and speculation reigns as to just which Benjamin was big enough to give his name to it. Perhaps it was Ben Hall, the Chief Commissioner of Works when it was built in 1888. Or maybe Ben Caunt, a heavyweight prizefighter — in reference to the heavyweight bell within: 13.76 tonnes. The tower has a slight lean — approx 22cm (8.7in) northwest — due to ground conditions.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Image by Oisin Mulvihill

The ‘Lost City of the Incas’, Machu Picchu (literally ‘old peak’) sits at a lofty elevation of 2350m (7710ft) and is invisible from below. The secret city contains the ruins of palaces, baths and temples, and is believed to have served as a country retreat for Inca royalty. Rediscovered in 1911, construction of this ancient city is thought to have started in around 1440. Partly constructed without mortar, the precise joins won’t allow even a credit card between them.

Mount Rushmore, USA

Image by dean.franklin

In the Black Hills of South Dakota, this massive monument marks the first 150 years of American history. Carved into a mountain face are the 18m (60ft) faces of four former presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt. The brainchild of Doane Robinson, the original concept was to immortalise figures of American folklore. Sculptor Gutzon Borglum (a student of a Rodin) thought devoting his life’s work to folklore too trivial – hence the resulting busts, built between 1927 and 1941.

Stonehenge, England

No one knows exactly why these 50-tonne stones were dragged from South Wales 5000 years ago. What we do know is that it would have taken about 600 people to move one more than half an inch, and that the complex was constructed between 2500 BC and 2000 BC. Consisting of a ring of stones topped by lintels, an inner horseshoe, an outer circle and a ditch, Stonehenge likely had dual astrological and religious purposes.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Image by tylerdurden1

This temple complex, built early in the 12th century by a succession of Khmer kings, formed part of a larger administrative and religious centre. Built to honour the Hindu god Vishnu and abandoned in the 15th century, many of the stone structures have since been grasped by giant banyan tree roots or covered by the surrounding forest. Apparently the layout of the temples architecturally mirrors the constellation Draco in 10,500 BC to harmonise the earth and the stars.

Latest Addiction : Novel Cinta Sufi

novel hasil nukilan novelist favourite I , known as Novelist Thriller no 1 Malaysia, en Ramlee Awang Murshid.
sekarang tgh halfway baca , tak habis lagi. kat rumah malam lepas dinner, while Wak Jerry ( husband) sibuk menyiapkan Travelling Journal dia, I sibuk baca novel ni.. so addictive. luckily,  little princess by pukul 9 atau 10 malam biasanya dah tido , ade sikit ruang utk implement balik hobi I. 

Novel Cinta Sufi
RAM is one of my fav writer ,  80% of his books I ade collect and read. this one is another masterpiece.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Xian Mosque , China

pada hari 27 and 28 April 2011 yg lalu, my husband and I telah pergi melawat Tanah Besar China.
antara tempat yg kami visit adelah Xian Mosque , China. sebuah masjid lama yg masih lagi teguh berdiri di negara China. antara gambar - gambar yg kami capture sepanjang our visit adelah seperti di bawah .

fact : This Mosque was founded in 1392 by naval admiral Haj Cheng Ho during Tang Dynasty typifies a buddhist Tample, however its grand axis is alligned from east to west , facing Mecca.
prayer room

open for public (non muslim also) but up  to here only

waiting for salat time

tulisan dinding adelah 30 juz al quran, terjemahan dlm tulisan china

close up , very fine art

bahagian dalam

antara jemaah selepas maghrib

perkarangan masjid

perkarangan masjid.
tapi , yg sempat solat kat sana suami saja sb i tak tau mana tempat amik wudu' jemaah perempuan. paksik2 yg explain in bahasa cina i tak faham .

Sunday, May 1, 2011

backpacking to china

Pada satu malam yang hening, tibe-tibe jer tergerak hati kecil I nak wat sesuatu keje giler. I nak gi travel!!! Biler? Kemane? Dengan sape? Bape costnyer?

I pun dengan semangat membelek-belek website AirAsia dengan harapan mendapat sedikit ilham untuk destinasi  yang boleh ditujui. Ahaa...I nak pegi China lah! Terpacul dari mulut I. Tapi kali ni, I cadang xnak gune khidmat agent tourism. Xmencabar. I pun tanpa berpikir panjang terus setkan tarikh perjalanan dari 24/04 hingga 30/04, dan terus membeli ticket kapal terbang ke Tianjin, dan pulang dari Chengdu. Rase macam terburu-buru plak membeli ticket, sebab plan perjalanan di sane xde lagi! Adush...

Hmmm...takper, nampaknyer ini sudah menjadi tanggungjawab suamiku untuk sediakan itenary perjalanan di china nanti. Dia mesti buat sebab tiket sudah dibeli, hu hu.

Betul tekaan I, suamiku memang bersemangat menelaah buku2 travel dan website2 china (terpaksa kut). Tak sampai sebulan, itenary tuk travel di china telah siap.

buku-buku dan internet menjadi panduan
atas lantai pun jadik sbb xcukup ruang meja
*hati-hati: jangan skali2 kedekut nak beli buku rujukan yg mahal, yg penting informasi-nyer tepat. kalu tak, kat sane nanti korang yg merana. duit akan habis belanja utk transport dan penginapan ajer.
*Y = duit china dlm yuen, Y1 = RM0.49

24/04/11 Day 1
Journey kami berdua start di LCCT Kuala Lumpur dengan menaiki kapal terbang AirAsia pada pukul 0800. Perjalanan mengambil masa 6 jam dan tiba di Tianjin Airport, China. Tiba saje sane, tanpa buang mase kitorang terus naik express train ke Beijing sebab bandar Tianjin nih macam pasir gudang, bandar port. Dah 3 tahun duk bandar port, tak kan kat china pun nak lepak bandar port jugak.

Now everyone can fly     
sampai je di Tianjin terus ambik shuttle bus Y10 ke train station
bus stop jauh skit, so berjalan ke train station
Tianjin Train Station
nasib baik ade menu English utk beli tiket, Y69
Bullet Train cecah 340 km/h
Sampai di Beijing, kami pun bergegas menaiki transit metro (Y2) untuk ke destinasi hostel tempat bermalam di mukim Dongcheng sebelum hari semakin gelap. Malam pertama di bandar Beijing, kami bercadang jalan2 di lorong kedai disekitar sini yang dipanggil Beijing Hutong. Laluan2 @ Hutong ni sebenarnyer baru dibina ketika zaman Qing Dynasty selepas askar Genghis Khan merobohkan bangunan di sini. Sekarang jumlahnyer ada lebih dari 2000 laluan berbelit-belit sekitar bandar Beijing. Selain melihat, kami jugak ingin melahap sebab perut dah kosong. Kat Beijing memang mudah cari kedai makan muslim spt di Dongsi Xidajie, Wangfujing Dajie, etc.
sampai di Beijing, kitorang sesat mencari hostel
nasib baik boleh speaking skit
study map balik
sedap ikan deep fry
sup sayur pun sedap
Malangnyer, hostel yang dicari tidak diketemui. Penat, letih dan sesat, kami pun terpaksa mencari hotel yang berdekatan untuk bermalam.
meneruskan misi mencari hostel
dah penat xjumpe hostel murah, hotel pun jadi ler
tapi xtahan hargenye Y668 semalaman
25/04/11 Day 2
Bangun pagi2 dan bersedia untuk adventure di Beijing. Kemana? Great Wall of China! Tapi kami xmahu pegi ke Badaling sebab terlalu pack dgn tourist lain. Jadi kami plan utk ke Mutianyu Great Wall yang agak jauh skit (90km) dari Beijing dan masih dikekalkan keadaanyer dengan kesan2 perang dizaman lalu.
pagi-pagi lagi meneruskan xpedisi
     Dengan mengambil bas no. 916 di Dongzhimen Bus St. pada jam 0830 ke Mutianyu Great Wall berharga Y15 sehala.
Pintu masuk Mutianyu Great Wall
Tiket masuk ke Mutianyu Great Wall berharge Y40 dan jika ingin jimat masa utk xplore lebih jauh boleh gune cable car (1 way Y35) hingga separuh perjalanan.
permulaan dakian
starting point
semput panjat beribu-ribu tangga
jauh lagi perjalanan
lagi pendakian ke langit
kawasan yg jauh dari tourist
Great Wall dgn kesan perang dan hakisan
jauh lagi nih
sangat jauh lagi nih...
pendakian hampir 45' mendongak
tembok yg berliku-liku
terpaksa berjalan mcm ketam, terlampau steep
terpaksa ikut bumbung Gate Tower
kesan hakisan
horor jer kat sini sorang-sorang
laluan semak-samun
best betul kat sini
Jauhnyer perjalananku
on d'way balik
Selesai merayap di Mutianyu, kami pun pulang semula ke Beijing dengan care yg same jugak. Sampai saje di Beijing kitorang terus cari kedai makan dan melahap. Pastu terus menuju ke hostel yang murah atas recomendation mat salleh kat Mutianyu. hu hu...

26/04/11 Day 3
Hari ni, kitorang nak melawat Forbiden City & Tianamen Square. Lebih 500 tahun rakyat biase tak bleh masuk dan lihat kehidupan emperor di zaman dinasti Ming dan Qing, tapi kini I sebagai rakyat Malaysia berjaya menyelami suasana kehidupan di dalam kota rahsia. Sungguh menakjubkan. Pagi2 lagi kami berjalan menuju ke stesen subway Qianmen. Senang sungguh bergerak disini.

check out dari hotel
Dengan menaiki metro berharga Y2 menuju ke Tianamen St. dan kemudian terus berjalan ke Tianamen Square. Pastu kitorang terjah plak Forbiden City dengan ticket masuk sebanyak Y60
Monument of People's Heroes, Tiannamen Square 
Forbiden city
Seterusnyer, kami bercadang nak melawat Underground City yang kononnyer ingin menapis serangan nuklear dari Russia. Dibina pada 1969 dan siap pada 1979. Malangnyer kaki masih sengal2, so kitorang pun cadang nak terus g beli skit hadiah utk saudare mare, kawan2 dan bos2 (bodek) dan tempat yang menarik di sekitar...

Puas bershopping, perjalanan diteruskan ke Xian untuk memanjat salah satu gunung sacred dan tertinggi bagi penganut daiosime di china iaitu Mt. Huashan. Tapi bersedialah untuk mengalami kebas punggung sebab perjalanan dari Beijing ke Xian mengambil mase 13 jam dan sejauh 1200 km. Kitorang tak dapat beli tiket soft sleeper, cume dapat hard seat yang berharga Y442. uhuks uhuks...

Beijing West Railway Station
notis board bahase cina, kitorang agak-agak jer
sentiasa penuh dgn tren
  Kitorang tiba di Xian Train St. keesokan harinye pada jam 0750. Sampai saje di Xi'an kitorang terus menaiki bus no 611 untuk ke hostel kami di depan Bell Tower.

27/04/11 Day 4

Berada di Xian xlengkap kalu xpergi Mausoleum First Qin Emperor. Ini antare kesungguhan emperor nak bangkit di alam lain setelah mati; bersama2 bala tenteranyer (Terra-cotta warriors & horses). Disini terdapat lebih 7000 patung askar dan kuda yang setiap satunyer berbeza rupa, pakaian, posisi, jawatan yang lengkap seperti sebuah kerajaan.
Bell Tower dihadapan hostel
suspicious, tp janji hostel murah
pintu masuk Pit Terracotta Warriors
tiket masuk Y110
pit no. 1
pit no. 3
kenderaan rasmi Emporer Qing dibuat dari gangsa
kempunan keledek masnis china yang disalai
Sehari suntuk kitorang berada di Terracotta Warriors. Pulang ke Xi'an terus melahap di kedai makanan halal disekitar train station.

28/04/11 Day 5
Hari ini adalah antara hari yg dinanti-nantikan sebab kitorang dah plan ke Mt. Huashan untuk misi pendakian ke puncak setinggi 2160 m. Dengan menaiki Tourist Bus no.1 yg berharga Y26 dan tiba di kampung Huashan di kaki gunung untuk membeli tiket masuk Y120. Kami juga menaiki cable car (2 way Y150) separuh jalan (1615 m) sebab nak jimat mase dan sambung pendakian selame 3 jam ke puncak tertinggi. Kalu tidak, memerlukan 3 1/2 jam untuk hiking ke puncak yang pertama aje. Dari kampung ke starting point pendakian pula boleh menaiki bus dgn harge Y13.

kaki gunung Huashan
Pendakian sungguh mencabar kerana laluannyer betul2 di tepian gaung. Namun semuanyer berbaloi kerana pemandangan di sini sungguh indah. Betapa cantiknyer ciptaan Allah.
naik cable car ke puncak pertama
lauan ke puncak lain
laluan hanya selebar 3 kaki aje
laluan ditebing
terpaksa guna harness
terpaksa lalu titian gantung
temple dipuncak gunung
pandangan dari atas
pandangan dari South Peak 2159.4 meter puncak tertinggi
pokok yg berumur lebih dari 1000 tahun
mendaki ke West Peak pula
portal gigih memikul barang untuk tokong di atas gunung
laluan yang mencabarkan
cantik pemandangannyer
cantik sungguh
Selesai mencuci mata kami pun bergegas turun sebelum cable car tutup. Kalu tidak, samade tido kat temple di atas Mt. Huashan atau mendaki turun selama 3 1/2 jam di dalam gelap. Xsanggup I... baik cepat2 balik ke Xian untuk aktivity seterusnyer.

Cuci Mata di Fella Design

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