Monday, June 27, 2011

food pyramid

Malaysian Food Pyramid
Now that you know how much physical activity you need, watching what you eat is just as important. This is because your body requires proper nutrition to keep active and restore worn out cells. Also, study the portion guide which helps ensure your serving sizes are kept in check.

  • 1-3 servings a day

  • ½-2 serving of meat, poultry or eggs a day
  • 1 serving of fish a day
  • ½-1 serving of legumes a day

  • 3 servings of vegetables a day

  • 2 servings of fruit a day

  • 4 – 8 servings a day
 Eat healthy , stay happy . !!!

Cooked white rice
Wet noodles
Breakfast cereal
Papaya, pineapple or watermelon
Cooked dark green leafy vegetables with edible stem
Cooked fruit vegetables (e.g. tomato)
Raw ulam
Lean Beef
Chicken drumstick
Ikan kembong/Ikan selar
Chickpeas or dhal
Low fat milk

Sunday, June 26, 2011


This post is purely just about my opinion on usage of word roommate for your spouse, not a review about film "The Roommate" thehehe... I have been blog-walking to other so called KOOL blog persons' page this few days, this is since husband is not at home on Saturday and Sunday thus I have ample sweet time at home doing my stuff.

during my browsing, I found a few female blog owner who used to use the word ROOMMATE in calling their own spouse. it seems like a booming trend.. yaa..non denying one person will follow other style which you think is KOOL. but to my honest opinion is it is not appropriate to call your other half a "roommate" as it representing that your suppose to be a soul mate is only a roommate for you. 

first impression for a roommate
I remember a scene from an 90's english movie  which pardon me that I don't remember the tittle but the scene is where a woman who is in the midst of broken marriage, and she said to her sister " Christ is not as good as he used to be nowadays, we are JUST ROOMATE. we share the room , the kids and the house . nothings is more than that"... so husband who to be called a roommate is only when you already hate each other.

I also think , a husband  is forbid from to be called roommate as he is a person who is so much more than that. I don't know if the "specific" husband is OK to be called roommate. knowing Malaysian Husband specially Malay who is soo less sensitive , less awareness and I think they don't really care. but being a faithful wife, so much appreciating own husband, calling a husband a roommate is for me as you wish him to be just your roommate..renung-renungkan. ...

a spouse shall be.
credit to google for all the image,

Friday, June 24, 2011

bismillah : i am muslim

lagu / kindergarten rhyme that I have been teaching Aliya these day.

kata pujangga. "anak itu umpama kain putih, kita (ibu bapa) lah yg membentuk coraknya" ~~ gitula lebeh kurang... our aim : to balance both Dunia dan  Akhirat. (now and afterlife )

wish for a wish??

for almost 1 year now , husband has been talking about Toyota WISH. and he has been wishing for a WISH ever since. .knowing my husband who is very synonym with Perodua Kancil, my opinion would be "why not if you can afford, just go ahead.. beside the Kancil is already an obsolete model, very reasonable to change to new one , one day".

however, i would prefer to wait for another year as our usage now still not required for another car as I own a versatile MyVi which I think still soo good enough for 3 of us. ..who knows, end of 2012 onwards I will be send to overseas project or not so far maybe to Sabah?? such a waste if buy new car but usage is so minimal. husband in Malaysia West can use the MyVi as he pleased.

keep on WISHing then

Thursday, June 23, 2011

FirstBike at MPH Online

salam and morning .
do realize or not MPH Online not just selling books and megazines . it had broaden the wing few years back by selling accessories for reading such as the famous book lamp and etc. it still no suprise since it still reading business.

MPH Online

but today come to my surprize that MPH Online is selling first bicycle!! . FirstBike.  FirstBike is practically bicycle for kids who learn to balance and free ride, and it is no pedal.originated from Germany which selling at MPH Online at the prize of RM599 (no so cheap tho) ..come with 4 choices of color suitable for Girl or Boy . accessories like bell and lowering kit were sold separately .

design of FirstBike 

so teach you r kids to ride today or spoilt you r kids with this bike is totally up to you .

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

hati rindu , lambaian KAABAH

di kala ini, sudah seberapa lama hati rasa sangat rindu pada tanah suci makkah.keinginan yg sangat tebal nak ke sana . akan I usahakan 1 day nti akan ke sana jugak. Insyaallah !!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Movie : Shaolin 2011

hey , morning. last night pegi nonton lagi. carita Shaolin.

the cast : Andy Lau , NIsholas Tse , Jackie Chan.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby development , month 8th .

today Aliya is already 7m3w. i do not chart her development for 7th month but below is development milestone for monnth 8th.
only 3 numbers of activity she still cannot do .

By the end of month eight a baby typically
Aliya Zaireen
Chews on objects
Reaches for utensils when being fed
Turns head away when finished eating
May sleep between 11 and 13 hours a night; takes 2 to 3 naps (may vary)
Rolls all the way around
Sits unsupported

Gets on arms and knees in crawling position

Has specific cries for various needs

Babbles enthusiastically
Tests gravity by dropping objects over edge of high chair
Responds to own name
Has different reactions for different family members
Shows some anxiety when removed from parent

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gurau Senda bawa Bahagia

our baby loves to smile and laugh , a small act or tease will make her laugh soo loud. tapi bila ngan papa shj , dgn org lain SORRY!! Anak Bapak ......kadang2 letih nak layan.

Perodua MyVi berbau petrol lepas isi minyak

dari pada first time dapat kereta sampai harini , kalau topup minyak i mesti top up full tank . then after tu mesti bau petrol masuk kereta dalam 5 - 10 minutes after continue driving .

i pernah complaint kat Perodua service centre tapi diorang cakap diorang nak hold kereta for 1 week utk overall inspection. i cannot afford not to have car for 1 week since that is the source of pergi - balik kerja, hantar anak rumah pengasuh, husband bawak pg race etc....

PERODUA MYVI, (gambar dpn rumah yg bakal dapat kunci satt je lagi)
 after fikir fikir , i deceded nak buat experiment ,

hypothesis no 1 : jgn isi full tank lagi, most probably all this time fuel overflow
hypothesis no 2 : harus tukar brand minyak lain, kot minyak yg guna sekarang tak compatible .

so pagi ni i decided pg buat experiment no 1 , instead of isi minyak full tank about RM 55++ every time filling, i isi RM 30 sahaja . quess what , Hypothesis no 1 tu betul , tiada lagi bau petrol after filling fuel.

so , if u are MyVi user like me, kalau isi full tank ade bau petrol lepas isi minyak tak perlu la nak antar mekanik suruh bukak semua , buat habis duit sahaja manatau alih2 , diorang menipu aje .

juga tak payah tukar brand , pakai je brand yg unggul : PETRONAS!! mesti support product sendiri whatt

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