Friday, August 26, 2011

Buku Terjemahan

Living in Johor Bahru for almost 3 years now make me realize that Johor Bahru shall have more of bookstores. my frequent bookstores visit are to HARRIS (POPULAR) Tebrau City, POPULAR Pelangi Mall, BADAN Plaza Angsana and one Islamic Bookstore in Pasir Gudang. searching for favourite books would be difficult since there are not much of choices to choose.  thanks to online MPH and KINOKUNIYA for the great online service.

back to the subject for today, being a frequent visitor to HARRIS and POPULAR made me observed that there are a lot of Chinese books available in market, no matter how thin or thick the books are. there are variant tittle of the books available for various age of readers. how waste i felt that i do not read and speak Chinese. if not there will be a lot of various reading item in various field and subject I could enjoy.

receive a newsletter from POPULAR today , the "book of the year" A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE is now in Chinese. coming to my thoughts that why there are less books being translate to Malay Language as well.for me, it is not that i against reading /education in english, i still believe English education is important and shall be continue towards the end. but having more reading materials in mother language will lead our generation to be more interested in reading. 

how sad to see our generation (Malay) are less interested in Reading. no matter what is the reading materials (not the XXX rated one of course!!) , reading is still gedung ilmu. i would envy how evolved the reading materials in Chinese growing day by day. i can say , there are trillions books / megazines in their language. i wish there are a lot of reading materials are translate to Malay as well, will very much help our generations to be more interested in reading.

right now, i am browsing the net (MPH Online) wanna buy some books for next reading .....daaaaa

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