Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From Botanical Set to Timewise

hi peeps! starting yesterday I change/ upgrade my basic skincare regime from Mary Kay Botanical set to Timewise facial cleanser.

starting from February 2011, i started use the Mary Kay Botanical Set formula 3. the main reason to use is because to eliminate the pimples from my skin since i had a very bad pimples problem during my pregnancy. the result can be seen as early as 2 weeks after usage . the pimples from my skin is slowly reduces and after 4 months, there are no more pimples and the scar were gone too.

then , i start using the Timewise, it is regime to fight the ageing effect on your skin. i will be in my 30 next 2 years so i think it is the time for me to start fight the ageing effect on my skin seriously. previously, i only use olay 7 in 1 cream only...but this time i plan to use the complete regime. looking young and glowing is my next target . thus, i bought the Timewise clenser and Timewise moisturizer...

   why not use the complete set???
reason is , i still have the balance of  mask, toner (Timewise does not need to use toner), moisturizer and foundation from my previous Botanical set.

i set the target until Dec 2011, wanna see my skin will be young and glowing.

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