Friday, September 9, 2011

Data Plan CELCOM

I received my CELCOM phone bill today. My total charge for last month was RM 108.82 cent. I was surprised as last month I really do cut of my phone usage on phone calls and SMS's sending.

browsing further on the details of the bill, I found out that the usage of 3G Data usage is accumulated to half of the bills. Then I tried to call CELCOM to stop the WAP Browsing and data usage from my Postpaid plan. the operator said there are no such service what I can do is only to turn off the internet or data usage option from my own phone.

for Blackberry users, the steps to do so is :

1) Option
2) Mobile Network
3) Data Service (OFF)

I am in the middle of cutting off all my unnecessary spending and save more , thus things like this is really to strike through from the account book. 

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