Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Suami Isteri

a night after my beloved brother passed away

Office day After Long Holiday

today is the first day in the office after 10 days of holiday and travelling. I am sooo keen of doing my works. YEEHAAA.... stories of the travel will write later... as a great motivation, our next aim: AUSTRALIA!!!!!

need to load a lot of money for going there.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Berus Gigi

I am not a picky person when it comes to toothbrush. I use various brand of toothbrush previously namely COLGATE, DARLIE , JORDAN ,ORAL B atc ..... among them for me Darlie is the best for the long lasting and durability. 

all of the brand I used will last for only few months , some specially colgate will last for 1 month only then the brush starts to bristle . I always said to my husband "Yang, berus gigi I dah berbulu senyum dah". ending up I have to change the toothbrush every months and uncomfortable feeling during brushing, make me feel like my teeth is not clean enough. 

as influenced by the advertisements, I try SYSTEMA toothbrush now. First time using it I feel like the brush go through all my teeth area even at the most back and feel the brush is spreads in all over the teeth , the brush also so gentle when I brushed my tongue as well ... it's positive impact I think. as of now after 3 days using it I still happy with the gentle effect of the brush......but I notice that , after using SYSTEMA my teeth become prone to be sensitive. I feel nyilu, in fact drink cold water fell a bit suffer on teeth.  I don't know it just me or it's really make my teeth become sensitive???....

I plan to experiment more.... see is it using systema will cause sensitive teeth ???

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kembara Lagi

Next 21 - 28 November , we plan to visit Chiang Mai (CM) - Bangkok (B) - Siem Reap (SR) - Phnom Phen (PP) . This is as a continuation from our journey to China last April which also as another honeymoon for our Second Anniversary.  We booked the ticket last May as I remember. the cost is fair as the booking was made earlier - as that is the airasia method , we always got cheaper rate if only we book earlier.

at first , we were both very excited about the trip since our last visit to China was really exciting and went smoothly. we both had a very enjoyable moment together there. but.... thunderstorm and flooding at Bangkok and Cambodia which stroke the two country last September make ourselves fell less excited towards the visit. till now, Bangkok still not fully recover from the flood , there are still a lot of area that fill with water even it is not as deep as last few weeks. while for Cambodia, there are no flood left, the main read is already useable with a little rough for small alleys and roads. We keep ourself updated from people in Bangkok and Julie who visiting PP and SR. 

water level at Bangkok district as of 11.11.11  
tonight I am updating some of the itinerary for our visit as we need to make some adjustment form the initial plan. we are going to spend 1 day only at Bangkok instead of 2 day as planned earlier. there is much better since they are still recovering from the disaster. 

it is really hardwork as a lot of things to be done here, wish that everything went as smooth as China trip last time. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Holiday Pertama

Aliya's first holiday was a visit to Langkawi. Last June , I brought the whole family to visit Langkawi. It was a treat for everybody specially my mother who was dreaming for Langkawi trip since she was young. after some preparation on the trip, we went to Langkawi on last 4-7th June 2011, this is with conjunction of  school holiday for celebrating the Agong' birthday. 

our group were come from 2 direction which are : 
1) Group from Kelantan with 2 cars
2) Group from Johor in 1 car.

there were 19 of us all together. we had a lot of fun specially on the shopping time. my mother was the most happiest people in the group. 

the activities ware roughly as follows :

depart from Langkawi Jetty - everybody including myself had a blast in the ferry (boat) , felt dizzy from the up-down-up of the ferry movement. My nephew and niece vomit a lot, luckily for Aliya, she was well. 

arrived at Langkawi Jetty, getting our vehicle (1 van and 1 avanza)

 resting and having our lunch at nearer stall while waiting for the home-stay to be ready. (it was school holiday so there is really hectic demand on the home-stay and hotels) 

had our family photo with the jetty background, as requested by dad. 

 resting and relax at the homestay since we depart from home at night so all of us were yet having our morning bath ye and everybody specially babies were feeling unconformable and  uneasy for us to handle them thehehe 

after everybody has setted, we all went to the Aquarium , Underwaterworld Langkawi. there were soo many fishes there with different color, species and sizes. 

afterwards, we went back to the homestay for resting and relax chill out as catching out stories from everybody until night, since the homestay provide facilities for cooking, we prepared out dinner and having it in the house without going outside for take out. 

the day after, we went to Langkawi Cable Car which is a must visit place while visiting Langkawi. funny where there only me and husband had ever tries the cable car and some of us were scared riding on it. 

the bridge somehow is the best part to visit. worth the short trekking  even it was a bit of tiring. 

the nearby kampung is also a very nice place to visit while wait for the ticket counter to open or after ride on the cable car. 

having ice cream after ride on the cable car is worth every single penny spend. it was rm 1.50 only for 2 big scoops, everyone enjoy their ice cream while Aliya enjoy her "publicity toilette poppeis"- it was emergency since it was raining and we do not have any umbrella and she just poop there , on the papa's hand. 

want back to the house for relax and resting after had our lunch at nearby restaurant. it was quiet expensive even thought delicious. 

evening and night, we went to the town for our shopping mopping, all of us ladies cannot/ very hard to decide what to buy since there were a lot of beautiful designs of household specially kitchen appliances sold there. we spend a lot of our money there but it worth the money spend where my mother is the most happiest person there . my father just let my mother buy anything she want as a treat for her. 

at night we just packing and sort all of our things as tomorrow morning we were going back to our home. 

overall, it was a successful trip and I love every second spend. I plant for another family trip sometime again. need to see the availability of everyone. since I also need everyone to join next time. it a worth pay visit and holiday.  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hari Pertama

these pictures ware taken from her first day . 23th October 2010. 

Cuci Mata di Fella Design

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