Friday, December 16, 2011

Link Your Tabung Haji account to Bank Islam ATM card

it has been a while I know that Bank Islam 's ATM card owner /user may link their ATM card to Tabung Haji account. 

since every month I will credited money to Aliya and my Tabung Haji Account, the staff at the counter suggested me to link my ATM card to Tabung Haji account to avoid long Q at the counter. Haven't think much of the cons, I registered both , Aliya's and mine to the same BIMB ATM card.

it was fast and easy steps. Startss from this day now onn.. I can link to my Tabung Haji account fast and easy. but why I am not happy about it???

it is because it will be easier for me to withdraw money from my Tabung Haji which supposed to be the permanent account (due to hard to withdraw)..........  huhuhu

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