Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sony VAIO - make.beleive

ever since that my laptop is broken for quient sometimes,  I had been browsing here and there searching for a portable laptop/ notebook/netbook for my travelling and working while travelling need. nowadays, having personal computer is copulsory . it is more to must have thing rather than would like to have thing.

being a pro-DELL, it is very hard for me to turning to another brand. i have been bought DELL for 3 numbers of laptops for the last 4 years for me and my sisters. so far, DELL has serve a very good service for a cheap laptop. 

my requirement for new laptop this time is small screen , I am looking for 10" -11" screen. DELL not produce those type of laptop anymore; i looked for HP and COMPAQ, they use AMD ATOM, a lot of friends said it will slow down the performance.

went to AEON TEBRAU last Friday and finally bought the famous SONY VAIO. meets my requirements for moderate needs of laptop usage. MACBook Air is great but feel a bit relunctant to pay double the price for the same spec that SONY is offering.

fair price of RM 1,499.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Twenties Girl - Sophie Kinsella

ever since I know SOPHIE KINSELLA's famous Shopahiloc range , I am admiring and read almost all of SK's piece of art.

Yesterday I just finished Twenties Girl. I bought the book last 2010 (2 years back) but only able to start read it last week...thehehe what a long overdues.It is not that I do not have the time, I read a lot of books in between, just not in the mood of reading this one. 

It is typical "out of world" imaginative side of SK's range of book. however, I personally think this one is the most outrageous among all that I ever read. a page turner and very addictive.

I wish that one day , any film producer will make this one as a film since I really do like even more that I like the shopaholic series. I will not tell anything about it in here, one MUST read it to enjoy the fun.

Again , it comes in various type of cover but the content is the grab it and enjoy it. It really worth reading it. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Perangai Pelik Tan Sri Zairi

Perangai pelik suami ku. Last night, iklan kat TV AJL 29jan, NAJWA LATIF Cinta Muka Buku

Zairi : Yuna (dgn confidentnya)
Arinee : Tu u kata Yuna? kenape?
Zairi : sebab dia main gitar n pakai tudung.
Arinee : habis, semua yg pakai tudung main gitar Yuna la?
Zairi : iyela, kan Yuna jer yg main gitar n pakai tudung.
Arinee : u tau tak rupa Yuna tu cmne? Dia lawa tau
Zairi : ntah , main gitar pakai tudungla.
Arinee : u ni Alien! !!!

Walaupon perangai dia pelik, i tetap syg manyak2 kat dia.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


16th January 2012, my first time experience going to Double Tree by Hilton at Jaln Tun Razak , Kuala Lumpur. Went there for business matter.

I was like " rusa masuk kampung" going there. I was miss location the building , i went to the next building where Jaguar main office located at. Luckilly DTbH is not far away.

Entering the building there are 2 main tower , which The Intermark and the DTbH. From the basement, the hotel lobby located 2 stairs above The Intermark's lobby. My jaw is halfly dropped seeing the simple but exclusive main lobby area. The arangement are so exclusive meeting the standard of hotels in Kuala Lumpur area.

The ambiance:

My workshop is located at Hibiscuss room level 10. For the facilities provided , i shall say it just moderate facilities. Nothing is extravanganza compared to others hotel shall offer but the room is confortable enough for our numbers of group. The hotel really support the green development where the stationary using the recycle fiber. It is something that i like , for the good sake of our future generation.

as for the hotel lobby, cafe and restaurant, the decorations are all exclusive, and WOW!! very expensive tho.

stationary made of 100% fiber

toilet/ ladies

meeting room lobby

meeting room

swimming pool @ 10th level



The food:

Being a non-picky eater is advantages for me . However, from my point of view the breakfast is mkderate where i can say it juzt a normal food of fried kuey tiew cwith cofee and tea. The same goes to tea break meal, sandwich and carrot cake are good.

having our lunch at the MAKAN Restaurant is awesome however the foods are not much different with other hotel. the meal that I like the most is the Chicken Tandoori with Nan Bread. they also serve lotsa lotsa fresh fruits where we may pick and eat as pleased.

others, shall be the same as other exclusive hotel may offer. since i am not staying in thier room , i may not say anything regards it.

Doubletree hotels are distinctively designed to provide true comfort to today's business and leisure travelers.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Removing White Head

One of my biggest beauty enemy is white heads. Having a not-too-sensative skin is a bliss, but i always having neverendings problems of white heads. They not just grow at my nose area but also chin, cheeks and around my mouth.

Last Friday I went to nearby store for friend's wedding gift and get myself white heads removal as inspired by Ms Shazwani's post earlier that day. I did not get a good experience with Biore's pore pack but this time,i wanna try something different. It is named Heal pharm from Japan . Priced at rm9.40 per box, with 10 strips inside.It has 2 variant, 1 black in color and other is in white. For no specific reason, i choose black.

the Packaging

After maghrib, i straight away tried it on my nose. Washed my face and wetted my nose later pat the "patch" on my nose area. Being a "tiga jari" type of nose make it easier to stick into. The instruction call for 15 minutes, but i waited for 30minutes before remove the strip.

The result: 8/10. I am quiet satisfy with the result , only that i wish the strips covers more on the lower part of the nose. Also wish the black glue will not stick that much on the nose after applying. Others , will be as good. Until today, it has been 3 day but my nose area s still smooth and white head free. Will use it again next time and very much searching for other area's white head removal.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Something HOT!!!

POLIGAMI, the hot topic since centuries ago and maintain HOT like forever.... 

Muslim , got their own ideas and opinion to agree on it. 

Muslimah, also got their own different ideas and opinion but mostly against it...

will see how the expert explain about it in SOLUSI issue 40, selling hot in market this month. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Homemade Chezzy Chicken Bolognaise

adelah sangat suka bila masak , walaupon simple tapi Zairi puji kata sedap and dia habiskan thehehe kembang sekejap I.

malam tadi I plan nak masak something yang simple, plan asal nak masak spaghetti chicken bolognaise, tapi rasa malas plak nak boil spaghetti. since everything dah ade, terus masak ayam n kuah.

inilah Masak aje apa yg ade

Novel review : Fiksyen 302

baru minggu lepas beli and habis baca novel terbaru Ramlee Awang Murshid (RAM) , Fiksyen 302. 

tidaklah mendebarkan sangat novel ni , cuma banyak element mainan minda . rasa mcm minda dimanipulate oleh jalan ceritanya, mmg ending yg tak tersangka2. 

namun, UNGU KARMILA tetap no 1. 

ole2 sebelum berakhirnya 2011. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Congested CHINA

just now , Channel news Asia Singapore reported that over 3 billions of China people will be travelling across China along this 2 weeks time before and after festive session of Lunar New Year . this is inclusive of travelling by flight, car and the famous and well used , train.  Can we Malaysian, imagine the huge crowd of people? most of us hardly imagine since we hardly see the huge crowd since we don't have that much of people living in our country. 

it was no surprise for us since we have been to China once , and even the off peak season (April)  , there still a lot of people there in China. travelling via train was the challenging experience tho . even more challenging using the 3rd class train coach for more than 15 hours of travelling from Beijing to Xi'an which is 1,200 km away. And again  about 12hours to Chengdu which located about 700km away from Xi'an.

the feeling? that was a great adventure!!! saw a lot of people , find the "hardly have" HALAL cert food, and many more hard to forget experience. on top of all the hard part, I will always say to my husband ;  " Walaupun ramai org and crowd in China, kalau U ajak ke China, I nak pergi lagi".....  and definitely YES!!

upon departure from Beijing to Xi'an

Beijing West Railway Station

Crowd waiting for departure

Xi'an Railway Station upon our arrival to Xi'an Province

Chengdu Railway Station @ 5;30am in the morning. still as busy as in the daytime

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kingdom of Cambodia

where about
ber - flight
ber - train
ber - jalan kaki
ber - tuktuk
ber - Song Ra Tau
ber - van 
ber - lari
ber - MRT
ber - teksi
ber - gajah
ber - rakit

bersama-sama suami sempena Anniversary kami yg ke 2...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Selamat Tahun Baru dan Semangat Tahun Baru

selamat menyambut tahun baru kepada semua. tahun baru ni I bermula dgn semangat yang baru. i am not a wrote down new year's target type of lady but for 2012 ni, suka I ingatkan pada diri sendiri kena ade target to achieve and plan to achieve. so then i will have some kind of check list ape yg dah buat , ape yg belum.

ape yg I nak dlm hidup I : 

1) nak promotion to Senior Position by June 2012
2) nak finish MCD by March 2012

1) losing weight by 12kg in 6 months 
2) watch what i eat

1) not travelling but penyucian jiwa UMRAH ( May 2012)
2) Planning for Australia 2013

1) lebih berjimat cermat - kurangkan take out food
2) target kumpul balik RM 50,000 by Dec 2012. 

that's all yang I plan to have and do. kena lebih berusaha utk capai impian. insyaallah , akan berjaya. 

Cuci Mata di Fella Design

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