Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pregnancy Check Up : 4th Month

did i mentioned earlier that i am now pregnant to our 2nd Child? 

yes i am not just fat but pregnant as well. and yesterday i went to see new O&G , Dr Norarini at Puteri Specialist Hospital for my monthly check up. i changed my O&G from Dr Ruszamman at Penawar Hospital due to my bleeding problem and i felt more comfortable having female gyne for the check up. 

The Baby
the baby seems to be really healthy and normal, at 15th Week's of pregnancy, it's hands and legs have developed normally, the heartbeat normal, the baby in normal condition. 

Bleeding Problem
I experienced bleeding this time, which i did not had while pregnant to Aliya. but this time , on last 25th April 2012, i had serious bleeding problem results me to 1 shot of hormone injection. 

everytime after make love to my husband, i will experience bleeding. i explained to Dr Aini the problem and she decided to perform Pap Smear to me . the sample had been taken and the result will be explained by Dr for next follow up check up. 

Dr said i am having Polyps , below what polyps are. 

any growth or mass protruding from a mucous membrane. Polyps may be attached to a membrane by a thin stalk (pedunculated polyps), or they may have a broad base (sessile polyps). They are usually an overgrowth of normal tissue, but sometimes they are true tumors (masses of new tissue separate from the supporting membrane). Usually benign, they may lead to complications or eventually become malignant. They can occur wherever there is mucous membrane: in the nose, ears, mouth, lungs, heart, stomach, intestines, urinary bladder, uterus, and cervix.
intestinal p's polyps in the intestines, usually found in middle age although some infants are born with them in the large intestine. Multiple intestinal polyps may be a hereditary disorder. In most cases they cause no symptoms unless they become large enough to obstruct the intestine or become ulcerated so that they bleed. When they do, symptoms may include cramping pains in the lower abdomen, diarrhea, and the passage of blood and mucus. Whether or not they cause symptoms, intestinal polyps should be removed, since any one of them may become malignant. Although all causes of intestinal cancer have not yet been discovered, it is believed that polyps are often a contributing factor.
nasal p's polyps in the nasal cavity or sinuses, usually produced by local irritation, sometimes as a result of an allergy. They are not dangerous, but if they grow large enough to extend into the nose, they may cause stuffiness and headaches. The allergy or other source of irritation responsible for the polyps should be treated; if the polyps continue to be troublesome, surgery may be necessary.

what worries me, polyps may cause CANCER. 
and she adviced, "if possible, don't make love until your 7th month".....

i think i can but can my hubs survive this?? 
dirty talk " tak dapat seminggu pon hubs dah tak betul duduk dah" 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Saving for Holiday

memasang azam baru .....saving for next holiday trip to Australia............Weeeeeeeeeeee

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