Friday, June 29, 2012

Batik "Dingin Lavender"

Few months ago , ade drama bersiri Dingin Lavender" aired katTV3. I was one of the fan, never missed each episode. Sgt tergila-gilakan drama tersebut.

Since adik I kenal seorang pengusaha batik ni, actually BF dia pon , I tempah satu set kain batik berinspirasikan bunga lavender ni.bgtau dia nak latar belakang warna biru langit dan warna lavender mestila purple kan.,

so , last week kain yg ditempah sudah siap dan sampai dicourier kan kepada I. Sgt berpuashati. Designnya simple yet modern. Taklah typical design bunga mcm kain batik yg ade di pasaran. Harga juga sgt berpuashati.

Actually,Bujin Batik ni mmg tersohor jugak nama dia dlm dunia batik ni. Kalau tak silap sudah 3 tahun berjaya jadi finalist piala seri endon. Tapi malangnya dapat tempat kedua, belum ade rezeki jadi juara lagi.

Apepon, next time boleh tempah lagi. Nak bunga frangipani plak next time. Insyaallah kalau ade rezeki nti.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Shopping Baju Kerja

Alhamdulillah , hubs has been offered for the post after the Singapore's interview last Monday. 

as agreed, he will be starting work with new group of companies this coming 1st August 2012. the work location is at Kuala Lumpur and he need to adapt to new working culture. one of it is new outfit. office based requires him to wear office attire, no more coverall. 

since he only have 2 sets of office attire, last Sunday we went to nearby mall to purchase a few more clothes for him. 

he loves the Padini /SEED shirt since he said the S size is really comfortable and suite the best. as the results, we end up buying 4 shirts for him. total cost of about RM 250 only since we choose 2 frm 70% off range and another 2 sets from buy 2@RM169 it's okla for the first time shopping next2 month may add in some more. 

as for trousers, we choose to buy frm DOCKERS. why? because I love it hehehe. well we are looking for slacks with khakis look. so DOCKERS will always the best range of choice. senang ,tak payah iron.
there are no sale currently held by DOCKERS, but we choose the Value Buy section instead. RM 120 each. grabbed 2 sets , 1 blue and black and 1 dark brown. equal to RM 240. 

so, yesterday spending about RM 500. seems to be ok , investment for future.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Killing Me Softly With His Song

Last Night I was watching The Voice, I was amused by this lovely voice of Katrina Parker, singing the Killing Me softly With His Song and indeed it is a great song.

and yes another great version by Ms Lauryn Hill

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shoe Madness : CROCS for Toddler

Since Aliya became a toddler and able to walk (about a year ago) , we have been spoilt her with non other than CROCS shoes. have become to my hubs madness to buy CROCS for her everytime we went shop for shoe for little ones.

why CROCS? it's for their cute and simple design , well cute since we may add some cute Jibbits as accessories for the shoe. it also so comfy for little ones feet.

the latest was bought by husband from his interview visit from Singapore last Monday. Eager to reward her ony girl (so far) , hubs bought the Chameleon CROCS there, with 10% discount.

went back home, Aliya loves it a lot. wearing the new shoe and playing with the Jibbits all night until she sleep.

the overjoyed girl. 

CROCS collection, the pink is the oldest. 

New from Singapore..thank you PAPA

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

HUsband Interview for New Job

Yesterday I sent my husband to CIQ Johor as he was required to be interviewed by GPS Headquarters at Singapore.

the result will be announced in 3 days times, cannot wait for the day.

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