Thursday, August 29, 2013

Poole Pottery

One of the tourist attraction in Poole, England is the Pottery. As for me , the design and the method of doing the pottery is always the same but what we do not have in Malaysia is the kids or Paint it Yourself section.
on top of see, learn and but the pottery at the shop visitors also able to paint the masterpiece on their own.

the store located at the Quay. tourist may take the bus from the bus station to the Quay, opposite the shop is the ticket booth for the water ride.

Price for the end products start as low as £10. selections are quiet a lot from plate to vase to bowl etc. they also sell kitchen hold for those who interested to but. the quality as for me is very good in term of the hand painting and the thickness of the materials. they sell 2 type of pottery that are First Quality for non defect materials and Second Quality for items with paint defects.

kids or adults may spend some time to paint the pottery by yourself. we spend some good quality time with Aliya doing her own masterpiece.   the fees start at £7 depending on the size of item. the one that Aliya had was not to be "cooked" only air dry due to restriction of time we had there.

it was fun visit there, i do recommend

everyone to pay the visit there if you were travel to Poole one day.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Poole - Salisbury - Stonehedge

Tak de mood betul nak story pasal travel, we were badly Jet-legged.. kids are still battle-ing the changes in body clock.. woish the bad side of travelling is still around in the house but anyway, lives must go on!!!

this entry is basically to share with regards to our journey from Poole to Stonehedge based on our experience  during our last visit to England. 

From Poole we took local train to Bournemouth , it is about 5 miles away and rode in the local train was fascinating since the time and fare was quiet traveller-friendly for us who traveled with 2 kids. i do not remember the exact price but let say about £4/pax to and fro exclude the kids under 4. 

Arrived at Bournemouth, we went straight to Bus Stand STAND K and waited for the tour bus to send us to Stonehedge.( btw, we took the tour package instead of went there by ourselves since no public bus going direct to Stonehedge as far as we we told.). the package covers visit to City of Salisbury and Stonehedge cost £17/pax. sorry to mention that there is no free ride for kids as all kids below 16yo still need to pay the same price as adult for this tour. 

The bus arrived 10 min before the scheduled time at 2pm. took us more than 1 hour to arrive at the City of Salisbury which located around 25 miles away from was a nice city, the famous attraction there is the Old Cathedral (church) . Located nearby also few numbers of other old buildings which the design and structural of old English design is still preserve. Nothing more I can say other than Sooo ENGLAND here. 

After the visit , we directed to Stonehedge which located nearby the area. The road to the location is soo serene where you will pass by flour field on both sides of your road. there were soo many visitors went to "see rock" and it was Monday. i do not remember the fee entering the Stonehedge but kids enter for free. our kids are 3yo and 9 months. Sorry to say that there were not so much of fun in Stonehedge but our goal was to visit the landmark and we did it. so Stonehedge : CHECKED.

so enjoy some of our photo.

Bournemouth's Train Station.

Salisbury's town.

Salisbury's Cathedral ,England.

Stonehedge, England.

Aliya & Adam at Stonehedge

Arrived at our hotel in Poole at about 8pm.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Duit Raya

SELAMAT HARI RAYA semua,,dah nak masuk setengah syawal baru sempat nak post ape2 pasal raya. cerita lain tadak ape nak cerita sgt , dh terlalu ramai blogger update pasal baju raya, langsir raya, kuih raya hari raya what not...

nk share duit raya kami tahun ini...ade 2 gelombang ..1) AUD,,2) GBP... mok cik kayo!!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Borong baju Anakku dr Parkson,KLCC

Bila tiba musim raya banyak banar sale dkt semua tempat...merupakan waktu yg sesuai utk shopping baju harian buat anak2. Anak2 ajele mak bapaknya tak payah le pakai je mana yg ade.

Usai singgah di Parkson, KLCC setelah habis meeting seminggu sebelum raya itu hari, i borong pakaian utk anak2...few set utk Adam dan juga Aliya. Kena plak belian rm150 keatas dlm single receipt dapat claim aje payung hehehe....i mcm biasala beli baju anak mesti harga dlm rm20++ je so ni nampak je banyak tp belanja semua kurang dr rm300. Cukupla utk raya dan harian. Till next shopping.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Standard safety tools kat bangunan samada luar atau dalam bangunan adelah Alat Pemadam Kebakaran, Fire Extinguisher. Tetapi dibangunan tempat i bekerja ade satu lagi alat namanya AED. Jika ingin tahu details pasal AED ini bolehla refer lat wikipedia. Agak sukar i nak explain disini sb pengetahuan tentang treatment heart attact dan pengetahuan tentang pengunaan alatan ini adelah sgt terhad.

Macamana pon i do admire alat yg mcm ini ade utk tujuan menyelamatkan mangsa yg sakit dgn cara yg mudah. I wish to join the training if time and slot is permitted. Walaubagaimanapon pihak pengurusan bangunan ade menyediakan panduan pengunaannya jika berlaku kecemasan bolehla ikut caranya step by step.

Cuci Mata di Fella Design

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